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Explore Rohon a mysterious kingdom with a dark history. You are a stranger to this land looking for adventure. Upon entering you meet a strange individual who informs you about the Agents, key characters in Rohons past that have been corrupted and brought back to life with the power of the mysterious Rift.

Rebirth Rohon is an Action RPG with a heavy focus on exploration and lore based story telling. The game is heavily inspired by The Legend of Zelda and Dark Souls. With 4 Unique starting classes, a mining and crafting system and 100's of different weapons and armor, Game Jolt Achievements, multiple endings, Rebirth will provide hours of entertainment coming in Summer 2017

In the current demo there are two bosses several weapons and and the 4 main classes for you to play, Unfaithful, Sorcerer, Swordsman, and Paladin

Install instructions

Instructions for how to install

After you download and extract the game go to this website:


and download the RTP for RPG Maker XP

install the RTP by running the install wizard.

The game is now playable enjoy!


Rebirth Rohon.zip 440 MB

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